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Our Acrobatic Gymnastics classes cater to ages 5+. They also cater to both boys and girls in the same category. Students are broken up into small groups depending on their age and skill level.

A variety of skills are taught, including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, kick overs, round-offs, etc., to more advanced skills of walkovers, backflips, and baranis sommies etc. We also do a small amount of strength and flexibility exercises to ensure the body is safely prepared for the taught skills. The variety of these skills is introduced using soft carpeted mats and safe landing mats; however, we also use various other equipment to assist in skill progression, such as trampolines, springboards, crash mats, and spotting boxes, wedges, wall bars etc.

Their coach to student ratio is a maximum of 7 in these gymnastics classes, and the students are guaranteed not much downtime between turns. There is an emphasis on fun while learning and progressing each week.


Engadine Classes:

Monday 4-5 pm

Friday 4-5 pm

Saturday 9:45-10:45am

Menai Classes:

Tuesday 4-5 pm

Wednesday 4-5 pm

Thursday 4-5 pm


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