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This class is specifically catered to our smallest acrobats aged between 2-5 years old. We take both boys and girls in the one class. There is a real emphasis on fun in these classes while introducing little ones to the basics of gymnastics and acrobatics.

  • A lot of colorful equipment and had apparatus is used to stimulate little minds. The skills taught will focus on improving coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

  • This is a great class to do prior to starting school.

  • This class can be done with or without parent participation.

  • A variety of skills are taught including

    • rolling down an incline,

    • forward and backward rolls,

    • bunny hops,

    • balancing on the beam,

    • swinging on the bars,

    • cartwheels,

    • mini-vault,

    • various jumps and trampoline skills etc.

  • The variety of these skills are taught using soft carpeted mats and safety landing mats however we also use a variety of other equipment such as trampolines, bars, rings, spring boards, mini-vault, wedges, wall bars etc. Our most exciting and fun teaching device is our inflatable tumbling track (Airtrack) - Just like a big jumping castle!


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