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soft play

soft play for under 5yo

Watch your little ones' eyes light up in our soft play area! Packed with colourful adventures and giggles galore, our centre provides everything your child needs for an unforgettable time.


Join us for a fantastic Friday filled with play, laughter, and cherished memories. Let the adventures begin every FRIDAY at our play paradise!


With endless opportunities for crawling, bouncing, swinging, and burning off their boundless energy, your little ones are set for the time of their lives! Dive into fun with our inflatables, swoosh down slides, disappear into a sea of colourful balls in the ball pit, or embark on an endless adventure in our expansive play area. Every corner is a new discovery, every moment packed with joy—perfect for energetic explorers!

Pre-School Climb ‘n’ Soft Play

FRIDAYs 9:30am - 11:30am

Please make sure to read and review our full Terms and Conditions below. It's crucial for ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone!

Soft Play Reminders


Playtime Fun for the Little Ones!
Our soft play sessions are designed for children up to 5 years old. A world of fun awaits!

Parental Supervision
Every little adventurer must have a guardian angel! Parents or guardians aged 18 or older must watch over their children at all times in our facility. It's important to explain the rules of play and keep a close eye on the fun.

Stay Close, Stay Safe
At least one supervising adult must be present within the soft play area at all times. The entry and exit of children remain the sole responsibility of the supervising parent or guardian—safety first!

Dress for Adventure
Ensure your little ones are dressed appropriately to dive into playtime fun safely!

Join the Fun (Safely!)
We love when parents and guardians get involved! Feel free to play and supervise your children on the equipment, where safe. Remember to take care not to damage the equipment or cause injury.

Play Nice
Please keep balls and objects on the ground—no throwing!

Health First
If your child is unwell, please keep them cozy at home to prevent spreading germs. If anyone becomes unwell while at our facility, we kindly ask that you head home to keep everyone safe.

Eating and Drinking Zones
No food or drink on the black carpeted area, please. You're welcome to enjoy snacks and beverages on the black rubber matting or in our upstairs viewing area.

Let's keep the play safe and fun for everyone!

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